USFS side stream habitat project going well

The USFS has partnered with the McKenzie Watershed Council on a habitat improvement project for side streams of the mid river. Their goals are improvement and rearing habitat for bull trout, and spawning and rearing habitat for spring Chinook salmon. The is project mid way through completions of a two year plan.

Changes to river habitat will involve tipping over large trees to serve as key logs. Then using a helicopter to place additional logs upstream of these key logs. And finally by hand, placing smaller woody material (i.e. tree branches) upstream of the created log jams. This will improve rearing habitat for sub-adult bull trout, and improve spawning and rearing habitat for spring Chi- nook salmon. The project has a strong education and monitoring emphasis.

While the McKenzie Guides Association is not directly involved in this project we believe it is something worthy of your attention and support.

Click on the links below to view the information about this project made public by the USFS and the MWC.

WFRP Upper McKenzie Side Channel #2_2009(2)

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