2010 McKenzie River Clean-up

This year’s cleanup happened on Saturday July 10th from 9am-12 noon and was followed by food, prizes, and celebration at Hendricks Park Wayside 12-3pm. This great event was organized by Steve Mealey, secretary of the McKenzie River Guides Association and is an annual partnership between the guides and others that work hard at renewing and preserving the beauty of the McKenzie.

Below are the river segments and landings along with the kind people that helped with this annual clean-up.

Boat Routes:
1. Ollalie to Paradise: McKenzie RD
2. Paradise to Blue River: Chris Olson
3. Blue River to Finn Rock: Jim King- River; Monty Wilson-Launch Areas
4. Finn Rock to Silver Creek: Randy and Sanderson Dersham
5. Silver Creek to Rennie: Jensens and Tom Ripp
6. Rennie to Ben and Kay Dorris: Allan Cline
7. Helfrich to Leaburg Lake: Gene and Phyllis Highfill
8. Leaburg Dam to Greenwood: Jim Rodman and Bob Nehl
9. Greenwood to Leaburg: Dana and Kim Burwell
10. Leaburg to Deerhorn Park: Steve Mealey and Family
11. Deerhorn Park to Taylor Landing (Southside of River): Kim Short and Tom Hoyt
12. Deerhorn Park to Taylor Landing (Northside of River): Jim and Trish Martin
13. Taylor Landing to Hendricks Park (Northside of River): Jim and Trish Martin
14. Taylor Landing to Hendricks Park (Southside of River): Doug Caven and Family
15. Hendricks Park to Bellinger (Northside): Larry Six and Joe Moll
16. Hendricks Park to Bellinger (Southside): Bob Bumstead and Jeff Gross
17. Bellinger to Hayden Bridge (Northside): Collin Alspach and Partner
18. Bellinger to hayden Bridge (Southside): Jeff and Annie Ziller
19. Hayden Bridge to Harvest Lane (Northside): Wade and Helen Stampe
20. Hayden Bridge to Harvest Lane (Southside): Mark Rauch and Ted Legard
21. Harvest Lane to Armitage Park: Steve Brehm and Jim Boyd

Land Areas:
1. Junction of Hwy 126/FR 19 (Aufderheide Dr.)/McKenzie River: McKenzie RD/Monty Wilson
2. Waterboard Park-Leaburg Lakeshore: Phil Quinteros and Linda Alexander
3. Leaburg Lake picnic area and boat launch: Phil Quinteros and Linda Alexander
4. Leaburg Dam to Whitewater Ranch (South side of River): Luke Hardy and Family; “Team EWEB”, “Castaways”
5. Leaburg Dam down stream 300 yards (North side of River): “Team EWEB”
6. Leaburg Dam upstream to Ike’s (North side of River): “Castaways”
7. North side of river across from Finn Rock Landing (west of café): Monty Wilson
8. Mouth of Deer Creek: McKenzie RD
9. Leaburg Power House vicinity: “Team EWEB”
10. Goodpasture Road and viewpoint below Marten Rapids: Jim and Sue Finney, Dondeana Brinkman, and Milt McMinimy
11. Deerhorn Road across from Koozer’s Lake: Steve Mealey
12. Bellinger and Hayden Bridge Boat Launches and vicinities: Zack Hegge and Café Yumm! crew
13. Armitage Park Launch and Bridge Areas: John Brown, Tom Lincoln, Bob Rassmussen and Clint Brummit

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