Weck, Todd

Rogue Canyon Outfitters

5796 Highbanks Rd
Springfield, OR 97478

Email: toddweck@hotmail.com

Oregon native and Rogue Canyon Outfitter owner Todd Weck continue the tradition of providing guests with an experience that they will never forget! some rivers will make you wish you booked more than four days. Todd has the ability to take you away from the norm and it’s your job to end yourself back. Growing up fishing with Kenny King, the Hall of Fame fisherman and the original owner of this outfit, Todd has learned the art of teaching. As much as Todd loves fishing (and catching), this true joy is watching his client catch a feisty half punder. For over 15 years Todd has been able to watch clients from his 36foot boat in Alaska and his drift boat on the Rogue catch many phenomenal fish; however, the Rogue River is where he has set down roots. To him, there is no better experience than that of the rogue River and the fish they provide. Having a true sense of the Rogue and how unique and uncommon it is to be able to provide this experience, Todd looks forward to every trip with a smile and a try passion for waht he knows is a trip of a lifetime.

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